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f r e q u e n t l y  a s k e d  q u e s t i o n s

Q:  Will you be able to help me select the perfect music for my ceremony?

A:  Yes! I will gladly assist with the selection of music, and I can provide a repertoire list for your consideration if you need somewhere to start! You are welcome to choose your own ceremony music or I can create the perfect playlist for you. I can suggest both traditional, contemporary, and unique musical selections for the various parts of your ceremony, depending on your vision, and help create the perfect prelude to complement your ceremony selections.


Q:  Can the harp play at an outdoor event?

A:  Absolutely, but a few considerations must be made:

1. Accessibility: The ground must be level where the harp will be set up, and if on grass or soil, the bottom of the harp must be protected from moisture. There must be a level path to the ceremony site, as the harp is moved on a cart with wheels and will need to be pushed (by me) to the site rather than carried. 

2. Weather: In case of inclement weather, the harp will need to be protected from the elements, including direct sunlight, precipitation, and in temperatures below 60 or above 80 degrees fahrenheit. 


Q:  Can the harp go up and down stairs?

A:  Yes, but ideally only a few, the harp weighs 82 pounds and the bumping up and down compromises the instrument's safety and can send the harp's many finely-operating mechanisms out of adjustment. Two or three steps to get in and out of a building, or ceremony area will be manageable, but if there are flights of stairs, you may want to use a more portable instrument, or even a smaller harp such as a Celtic/Folk lever harp, which I can provide; however, using a lever harp will somewhat limit repertoire. Please also consider the size of any entryways the harp will be passing through. There may be limitations if the height/width is less than standard, as is the case with some older buildings. For liability reasons, I will always move my instrument myself.


Q:  Can you play pop tunes?

A:  Yes! While the pedal harp is most commonly recognized and best-suited for playing Classical music, special requests outside of the harp's standard repertoire can very often be accommodated, with enough time in advance to find or create a musical arrangement for harp. I have received numerous requests for pop songs and have hundreds already available, but I will certainly advise you in the case that a song doesn't translate well to the harp. I have an extensive repertoire including Classical, Broadway, Religious, Pop as well as Jazz classics. I will work with you to personalize your musical selections and create an ambiance to complement your unique event.

Q:  Do you teach private harp lessons?

A:  I do, and I love teaching!  I teach harp lessons to students of all ages and abilities.  I maintain a private studio in my home as well as at a few schools in the DC area and I am available for coachings and masterclasses as well.  I can also help with finding an instrument for study.  Please send me a message to enquire about my availability!

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